Humanimalité inc. IS:

  • Recognizing that each animal is an individual, and thus the concept of equality between humans and animals;
  • Recognizing that humans and animals can learn from each other;
  • Recognizing the vital importance of interactions with animals and thus of our positive interaction with them;
  • Providing a wide range of ways for humans to understand animal language, through awareness and education;
  • Promoting cooperation and trust between humans and animals.

OUR objectives:

Given our mission of reducing the number of euthanized or abandoned animals in Quebec, our objectives are to:

  • Reduce the frequency of abandonment and cruelty toward pets in Quebec by fostering human awareness toward animals;
  • Raising human awareness and knowledge of pets to encourage lasting changes in attitudes;
  • Promote adoption and mandatory sterilization;
  • Advocate for stronger animal protection legislation in Quebec;
  • Provide a compendium of free information to expand everyone’s knowledge about pets.