A company totally in love with animals…

It all started when Mme Diane Lalande created these documents for ourselves and for our close friends beginning with the ID card, which is very useful. From there, she created other documents but wanted to create something unique for you and your pet.

But not just any document ! The company had to produce truly personalized documents of top quality. Always try to diversify and improve our products in order to satisfy our customers.

With Animal’Ink, finish the ordinary card, the company create a professional design on high quality paper, like real official documents. All documents are delivered according to your information and pictures and are delivered in a protector sleeve in order to keep them for a long time.

Satisfaction guaranteed, …and smiles too…for the human as such as the animal…certified by Animal’Ink !




Kilookas is dedicated to the health and care of animals


Chantale Robinson founded and established her business Kilookas to transmit her knowledge to people who love their pets and want their well-being. Biologist and veterinarian technician with over 15 years of experience caring for animals, Chantale creates Kilookas on behalf of her two cats Kiloo and Lookas.

She writes for various magazines of animals and lectures extensively on the care of our pets.

She is also the author of the following books:

Her company, Kilookas is dedicated to the health and care of animals and specializes in first aid products for animals. Course of first aid pet care and holistic workshops (therapeutic massage, nutrition and holistic care) are taught by a professional who uses new techniques and recommended care for animals.

Moreover, we are privileged to offer its books in our online store.


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Chantal Cadorette is the initiator in the heart of Crémanimo project. Owning an innate entrepreneurial and leadership sense, Ms. Cadorette was able to develop a business in a non-traditional sector and a in more innovative way.

Crémanimo … a humane and dignified end

Crémanimo is a company offering a professional and personalized service of common and private pet cremation, in the respect of environmental and ecological standards. Over eight regions covered in Quebec near 160 veterinary clinics and hospitals and several SPA and SPCA. In December 2011, the phase 2 started up for the incineration of large animals, including horses. In November 2013 the company opened a second branch in the Lower Laurentians.

People at Crémanimo fully understand the attachment, deep and sincere, that you carry your pet, as well as all the pain felt when death occurs. This is why their mission is to offer you a private cremation service that allows you to testify with confidence, love and respect you have for your pet.

They are animal lovers and specialists in the field of animal cremation for several years. Crémanimo is a major crematorium with cutting edge technology. This company is not only an essential resource when mourning your pet, but also support the event and the loss of your life partner.




Clinique Amis-Maux Inc.

Amis-Maux Clinic was founded in 2003 by Mrs Valerie Gosselin, winner of the “young graduates 2011” price from Laval University. Constantly developing, the family business offers us a more innovative and unique approach  in Quebec, in a cozy atmosphere.

Amis-Maux is a private multidisciplinary clinic offering specialized services in Quebec. Their traditional therapeutic services or assisted by an animal are intended for adults, children, adolescents, couples, families and businesses.

To better respond to the needs of their customers, this clinical professionals offer a variety of therapeutic approaches.

Here are some of the services offered: Psychology, neuropsycholologie, speech therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, help with homework as well as pet therapy.

Pets living in the Amis-Maux’s Clinic are many and all different as by their varieties or their color! Affectionately called “small therapists with feathers and legs”, rabbits, doves, pigeons, cats and dogs parade with ease in the office. We certainly offer a different and superior support!





Mackenzie Food is a Canadian company that develops and manufactures fresh and quality food, healthy and biologically appropriate for dogs and cats.

FAIM MUSEAU’S mission is primarily to provide a healthy, fresh and biologically food adapted to our dogs and cats by providing what is the better there. While their health and well-being is their primary concern, Mackenzie Food developed recipes made with unprocessed ingredients, all qualified for human consumption, the FAIM MUSEAU products!

The FAIM MUSEAU products contain no preservatives or artificial colors or flavors and is the most complete and balanced food that you can give your pet.

The formulas that they offers are developed by a nutritionist experienced in the field of formulation for food of dogs and cats. They are balanced and complete. Products developed in Quebec, natural foods FAIM MUSEAU are fresh and nutritious, to the delight of pooch and kitty !

Their product lines are designed to:

• Provide a high-quality raw meat and fresh ingredients. Human grade consumption.

• Respect the carnivorous nature of cats and dogs by providing a healthy and appropriate diet of raw meat, not altered by cooking.

• Improving the health of pets

• Innovation in the food industry for pets

• Educate and demystify the myths surrounding the raw food diet.

To learn more about the company and its products, visit the web site via :
Web site


By phone: 514-293-8654





After working as animal health technician and as an intervener in canine behavior for over 17 years, Ms. Desrosiers noted that the lack of stimulation of our animals at the intellectual level was causing them many physical and behavioral problems. That is why she decided to start his own company to offer a whole new range of bowls and interactive feed.
Her mission? Obvious ! That help improve the quality of life of our animals by providing them with appropriate accessories used to stimulate and entertain them during their meal.

Do you know the two activities that your favorite animal prefers? Play and eat ! The two centers of activity Stimulo food and Aikiou are designed to meet their needs and to occupy your pet during his meal. Fun assured !

Here is a short summary of the benefits provided by the Aïkiou :

– Stimulates psychologically and fun animal during his meal ;
– Helps prevent weight problems ;
– Helps prevent digestion problems ;
– Help to develop the intellectual capacity of the animal ;
– Helps stimulate older dogs or limited mobility.

The bowl is made from a durable and plastic safe for food and it can be used with different kinds of foods or rewards .

The Company Aïkiou
450-824-1604 or 1-877-424-5468

An internet visit that you will remember :



Urgences Animales: Together in the service of animals


Urgences Animales is a non-profit organization and only service of its kind in Canada aim to provide the population of the metropolitan area emergency service for animals. Their primary mandate is to rescue animals in trouble transporting the sick / injured animals to veterinarians and assist other emergency services in their interventions with animals centers.

The vision of this organization is recognized for the quality of their services to the population, for the mobilization and professionalism of its employees as well as the efficiency of their management.

In addition, it is possible to become a member of Urgences Animales for a small annual fee. Members receive priority service, 24hrs a service, a confidential hotline and a quarterly publication ( the tapetum lucidum ). So if at night you need an ambulance for your dog or a rescue vehicle for your cat, they are always there for you !

Here are the details of this organization making small miracles :

Urgences Animales – Emergency Service Pet
218-1055 rue Lucien L’Allier
Montreal ( Quebec ) H3A 3C4 ( mailing address only)

To join by phone : 514-773-3911

Email :
And do not forget to visit our Website: and Facebook :