Comment Clear Un Chat Discord?

Here is how to clear chat in discord: Right-click on the username of sender whose conversation you want to delete. Select Message.

How do you purge chat in discord?

  • Delete Discord Messages Manually. Step 1: Open the text channel that includes the message to delete.
  • Use MEE6 Bot. MEE6 is one of the popular bots and you can use it if you are looking for the answer to “how to mass delete messages on Discord”.
  • Use AutoHotkey Script.
  • t::
  • Loop,100000
  • {
  • send,{Up}
  • send,^a
  • send,{BS}
  • send,{Enter}
  • How do you quickly delete messages on Discord?

  • First,you have to open Discord in any browser you want. It can be Chrome or Firefox.
  • Then,you have to press F12 on your keyboard for opening DevTools.
  • You have to copy the code and paste it into the Console.
  • Finally,a new window will appear and you have to fill in the variables and then,you have to click on the START button.
  • How do I find a deleted chat conversation in discord?

  • Find the bottom-left corner of the screen,and press the gear button in order to go to the Settings Page.
  • Click on the “Appearance” icon,and from there visit the “Advanced” section.
  • Find the key next to “Developer Mode” and toggle it on.
  • Search for the message you would like to report.
  • Then do a right-click on the user ID,and select “Copy ID” option.
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    How to tell if someone is on Discord?

  • Step#1: Find a text message from the user on a discord server that you both use. Also,check if you were able to react to their messages earlier.
  • Step#2: Try to use the message reactions on the user’s message.
  • Step#3: If your message reaction appears,then you are in the clear,and the user has not blocked you.